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AUZEF ders kitapları nasıl temin edilir?

İstanbul üniversitesi auzef ders kitapları nasıl temin edilir bilmeyenler için paylaşıyorum İstanbul üniversitesi auzef ders kitabı vermemektedir diğer aöf bölümlerle karıştırılmamalı.Ders kitaplarının pdf halini yayımlamıştır.

AUZEF (Istanbul University Open and Distance Education Faculty)

As you know, open education and distance education are very popular nowadays. Many universities have open and distance education faculties. Istanbul University is the most popular institution in recent years. However, Istanbul University does not provide printed material for distance education. How to get AUZEF textbooks . This question is a question that is very mind-boggling. If the question of how AUZEF textbooks are provided is that you are also riddled with your mind, we have searched for the answer and give you an answer. First, let's talk a little bit about how our research started. We asked the deputy of AUZEF; How are AUZEF textbooks supplied ? We wrote a petition.

The answer we receive is short and "We upload the books as PDFs to each student's system." Yes, that's the right approach. One, but if we will; According to scientific research, studying on paper is 40% more effective than studying on a computer screen or mobile device.

On the other hand, studying at a university is a very expensive business. In addition to the hundreds of pounds of AUZEF every semester, you also have to pay high amounts to photocopies so you can get your textbooks hand in hand.

How are AUZEF textbooks provided to the number of copy centers in Turkey ? We asked. According to the answers we receive, PDF files can be easily extracted. Of course, it has a financial burden. And you can face a high cost in a serious situation.

When we look at the structure of AUZEF textbooks, there are a lot of unnecessary pages. Getting the output of these unnecessary pages increases the cost even more. The trick to note here is; While taking the output of AUZEF textbooks; Removing unnecessary pages, just need to remove the content.

Another important point of getting useful books is the print quality. One of the major factors affecting print quality success is that you do not want to open that book if you have a poorly printed book. And by lifting an edge you will be blunted for your learning desire. Also poor quality prints for your health can pose many problems and cancer risks. Poor quality printing is done without the use of original materials and photocopiers are cheap and costly to sell at a cheap price.

How are AUZEF textbooks supplied ? One of the wrong answers given to the question is that it will be a response to get out of my own printer at home. Without the professional printing systems, the cost of the print page you get in your home type printer will cost you very high figures. Also, copying centers will ask you for higher prices when you print copies that you receive on request.

One of the important features of a learning material should be a useful dimension. Large size and quite thick books are always difficult to carry around with you. In addition, as large books take up a lot of space on your desk, you will have to narrow down your usage area and you will face negative effects of studying.

There is another point that should not be overlooked. The binding style of your textbooks should be very appropriate for you. You need to avoid unfamiliar binding techniques. Otherwise, you may need to keep your book constantly while studying, or you may need to treat it with care as a flower so that it does not break with it. All these efforts and efforts will cause you to experience the problem of focusing on the course you are studying.

How are AUZEF textbooks supplied ? Do not fall into the trap of untrustworthy people when you think about it. Some people or organizations say they are printing AUZEF textbooks from the internet. But these people or organizations primarily tell their bank accounts that their books must be deposited in cash. This process creates serious mistrust. Watch your safety. Do not be deceived by saying that I get printing services cheaply.

Another important point is that you get it on time. If you do not want to have your books available after a short period of time, you may not catch up. In addition, cargo should also include the problems that will occur in the account. In this case you will have to enter the exams without studying your books and you can take notes.

It is important to remember that you are responsible for the first 7 weeks of the midterm exams and 14 weeks of the final exams. Some abusive people or institutions can offer you a price that you can afford by calculating the first 7 weeks and you will be deceived again.

You also have to work on a 7-week course in a timely and planned manner. If you do not do these studies in a planned way, you will have difficulty in achieving success. Most of your courses are obviously not courses that can be passed without work. A systematic study is the most important factor that will make you successful.

How are AUZEF textbooks supplied ? If we look at it in another way, ask; It is not the best option to remove the photocopy lesson notes closest to you. Investigate thoroughly and believe that you can find an affordable option. Before giving a hand to the land, find the option that best suits you and move on.

Let's make more warnings at one point; Some people and institutions claim that they have sold AUZEF questions. However, the AUZEF exam questions can not be published as OÖF and legal access to these questions is not possible. Even if they are obtained from illegal means, these questions are unlikely to be true. Your chances of being deceived are quite high.

The changing point of the system was the visa exams, which means that the first 7 weeks of the exam was conducted online via internet. This year and the following years, visa exams will be organized on campus. This increases the need for textbooks and lecture notes as well as increasing the need for work.

If we were to pick up the last time; How are AUZEF textbooks supplied ? The quick answer we can ask for, answer yourselves and your needs. Pay appropriate prices for proper and quality service, assure yourself when paying. If you are going to provide internet order, please pay attention to the shipping charges and also the companies. Be open to recommendations. Do not hesitate to search. You can also extract slides as an additional source and work with slides intentionally.


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