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Besyo nedir?

Açılımı Beden eğitimi ve spor yüksekokulu olarak ifade edilir. Besyo üniversitelerin lisans programlarına özel yetenek sınavı ile alım yapar. Besyo ( beden eğitimi yüksekokulun) da okumak için üniversiteye hazırlık sınavından baraj puanını geçmek şarttır.

If we pass the Ygs barrage, we are eligible to enter the besyo special talent exam. Ygs is the special talent exam that really pushes the student after he passed the exam. Special aptitude test for university is the test that must be done by Choosing different styles and benches and maintained by each university.

PES business areas

* BESYO (PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHING): Most of the students are graduated from the university. Those who do not prefer the teaching profession continue to work as academicians at besyo sports college.

As proficiency of the teaching profession; Planning and studying for physical education and organizing environment for learning

He is a professor at the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. He is a professor at the University of California,

* SPORTS MANAGEMENT: sports section manager deficiency is one of the PES is to train sports administrators Widely felt. Sports management, sports law and economics to provide disciplines. This department is to provide students with the knowledge and skills of the organization and to present them in a theoretical and practical way with the full meaning of the law and the field of sports. Sports clubs, youth and sports, there are opportunities to work in the office.

* TRAINER: This section requires students to be able to follow both Turkey and world sports, do good research in sports areas and train effective sportsmen. This section has basic branches; Athletics, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, gymnastics, wrestling, tennis, swimming and handball. Students choose what they want from these areas and specialize in that area. As business opportunities; Sports clubs, federations, municipalities, universities, youth and sports general directorates.

* RECREATION: This section is located next to other parts of BESYO. In this department, besides educating qualified students who know a foreign language, he aimed to plan activities continuously in free time. As a business area; Municipalities, strife and sport centers

 They can work in the tourism sector, hospitals, public education centers, youth and sports ministries.

Besyo aptitude exams How is the content?

Running, branching, flexibility, etc. are subject to testing in the branches. Candidates are subject to different examinations on each side, so applicants who are to enter the examination must be very prepared and should work under supervision in appropriate programs.

Besyo is a jogging exams in the running exam, 300, 400 ... 2450 meters in length. It shows differences in females and males and requires long preparation.

The flexibility test is a type that has been used rarely in the qualification examination in recent years.

The endurance test is usually used to measure the attention of candidates. We can give an example of a shuttle pull to this exam.

Coordination is the exam where the candidates' attention, balance, speed, criteria are measured.


* Isparta Süleyman Demirel University-Faculty of Sports Sciences

* Hacettepe University-sports science faculty

* Uludag University-sports science faculty

* Butch university-sports science faculty

* Ankara University-Faculty of Sports Sciences

* Erzurum Atatürk University-sports science faculty

* Kırıkkale University-sports science faculty

* Istanbul university-sports science faculty

* Muğla Sıtkı koçman university - sports science faculty

* Selçuk University-Faculty of Sports Sciences

* Sakarya University-sports science faculty

* Eskişehir Anatolian University-sports science faculty

* Samsun 19 Mayıs University-sports science faculty

* Izmir nine september university-sports science faculty

* Kars Kafkas University

* Giresun University

* Edirne Trakya University

* Yozgat Bozok University

* Ordu University

* Hero Maras dairy imam university ... and many universities are provided with undergraduate and graduate education.


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