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DHBT nedir?

DHBT Diyanet işleri başkanlığının ÖSYM ile düzenlediği bir sınavdır.

The curriculum teacher who founded the Presidency of Religious Affairs is a test that allows candidates who wish to be muezzin-believers and imam preachers to take the points they are looking for when they are assigned as open-minded and contracted .

The Presidency of Religious Affairs had done this examination in the name of qualification in the previous times and then started to be done depending on ÖSYM since 2014. The DHBT exam is held every 2 years. It is an exam that should be followed by the candidates who want to take part in the diyanet job presidency.

For the first time, the name of the proficiency exam, which was started by OSYM for the first time, received the name of the name Şile, DHBT religious services. In order to enter DHBT , religious education institutions are required to be trainedTo apply to DHBT

* Being a graduate of İHL (imam preacher high school)

* Being graduated from the Faculty of Theology (undergraduate degree)

* To be a graduate of education faculties of religious culture and moral education (DKABÖ)

* It has conditions such as graduation from faculty of Islamic sciences.

Candidates who do not graduate from any of these categories can not apply for this test. If the candidates possessing these conditions have additional conditions (memory). The Dhbt exam consists of two categories.

DHBT (1): basic religious knowledge is common to all levels of learning.

Topics include;

* Principles of Islamic worship

* Principles of Islamic beliefs

* Siyer, Islamic morality

* The Qur'an is the big (tecvid ...).

DHBT (2) is based on the level of the schools where the candidates are studying.


*Canon law

* Hadith

* Kelam & akaid

* D ini sayatif

* History of religions and history of sects.


DHBT of candidates also joins the KPSS (Public Personnel Selection Examination) is required to enter the


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  1. tugba

    bu dhbt sinavina kpss ile girldiginde kadrolu olarakminyetlesmis olunuyo yoksa sozlesmelimi oluyo ilahiyat 2. siniftayim girmek istiyorum cevaplarsaniz sevinitim


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