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Eğitim koçu ne iş yapar?

Eğitim koçluğu nedir? Ne değildir? Eğitim koçluğu öğrencilerin hangi yasta olurlarsa olsun yaşlarına ve kabiliyetlerine göre eğitim ve kariyer planlaması yapan, bu planları takip eden ve raporlandiran, egitimle alakalı her turlu konuda danışmalık yapan ve sureci yöneten kişidir.

Training coaching is a counseling service, not a teaching service. Nowadays, the coaching service tells the private tutoring services they give while they are teaching their services, so these two concepts are too complicated, the training coach is not the teacher but the person who recommends it to the family if the student needs to take reinforcement lessons and interviews who find the best quality teacher and then measures the productivity of these courses .

Well, what you need is a training coach, so when you hear that I'm going to tell you now , you will realize that it's exactly what you're looking for.

More common in our society, especially in Europe and America; Parents can not spend time with their children, or if they do not, they usually stay on top of the load mother. Some of the fathers try to change things with their father's methods by throwing a child to the child's even if they are incapable of going to the parent's meeting and then they are defeated and say, "This is not like the children in our time. "Or the child is asking for a few mathematical questions and he looks at the babe. He can manage to solve himself even if you can not solve it, and of course, because of today's high divorce rates, there are children who grow up without mother or father,

As you can see from the top paragraph, there are no teachers, not a teacher, but a father or mother who is there to complete the missing roles, a very serious need for people who are out of time or who have to work away from home, but it should not be forgotten that no 3 persons can be like your parents ...

What does the training coach do?

The educational coach negotiates with the student and the parent, and with everyone else who has taken the private lesson with the student's school and study center, and observes the general situation of the student, observes the expectations of the family, then tests the student with a long test and tries to understand the fears of his imagination. This takes a while, then the family gives a seminar in an environment where the child is not present, and the child announces the children to the family, and if there is a child, aggression or shyness tells them what behavior the family is made of.

The parents of the educational coach who report the situation to the family determine the short and medium term and long term goals and activities relevant to the student's career, the needs and financial costs are presented to the family, the interview schedule is set with our student and the monthly meeting to be held by the family of the educational coach is determined here and the relevant monthly family is informed.

If a training coach is able to connect with the student, it is useful to maintain it until the end of his / her education life. In general, educational coaching is best served by 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Just as a doctor treats or treats individual people in the same way as an individual and an educational coach who can do this one full-time at a maximum of 8 people can make a training coaching efficiently, ideally 5 people. We are coaching with 3 training coaches. We are serving 150 people. These institutions are giving a private lesson to 3 people and 150 people, and they are giving it as coaching service.

Of course, the lesson of this lesson is that the training coach must win enough to make his own livelihood from these students too. The education coach is a service beyond private education and is therefore expensive. It costs between 800 - 1500 lira per month, Is the most important period for a student and is a summer semester for a good educational coach who plans to combine summer and summer vacation and education with cultural and personality skills such as making arrangements and assignments at places where he will go to Antalya or go to the country where he will go home. Even if you do not see the face, it leads the student by following it from a distance ...

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