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Gastronomi nedir?

Bu makalemiz gastronomi nedir gastronomi okuyanlar ne iş yapar konusu ile ilgili olacak. Gastronomi son yıllarda yeni duymaya başladığımız bir şey, peki nedir gastronomi insanın aklın ilk başta kimya, tıp veya uzay bilimiyle alakalı şeyler gelse de aslında bu terim İngilizceden dilimize geçmiş “gastronomy” kelimesinin karşılığıdır; peki gastronomi nedir gastronomi okuyanlar ne iş yapar.

Gastronomy is the "art of understanding food", which means that we come to the meaning of a professional chef. Graduates  from the gastronomy department become cooks or food supervisors.

Today, the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, where universities are part of vocational colleges, is increasing in popularity day by day. Gastronomy  departments do not require high scores and are widely preferred because it is a very large area of ​​work. Particularly preferred are chefs who have graduated from the gastronomy departments and the companies with foreign capital. As it is now in every sector, the catering sector is institutionalized in itself and wants to present different and original products.

Moreover, those who graduate from this department do not only mean to work in the private sector, but the state institutions also employ hundreds of cooks every year and desire to be graduated from this department as proficiency. If we think that there are millions of unemployed faculty graduates, the gastronomy department actually has many advantages.

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