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İlahiyat fakültesi nedir? İlahiyat fakültesi mezunları ne iş yapar?

İlahiyat fakülteleri lisans programlardır ve Ygs 4 puanı ile tercih edilmektedir.

Theological faculties to examine the İslam dini, which is a part of the teaching and learning purposes. The Faculty of Theology is aiming to educate and educate students who are broad-minded, knowledgeable and studying the major religions, especially Islamic religion. Students who will prefer theology faculties should be educated in these areas that are open to inquiry, curious, have general academic ability, can express themselves and are interested in courses such as philosophy, psychology and sociology, and they are expected to be patient and tolerant of criticism and criticism.

In theology faculties major subjects taught: Arabic, there is a preparatory class consisting of lectures and Quran. Following the preparatory class, there are some lectures such as exegesis, hadith, fiqh, sir, religious philosophy, history of religions, sociology of religions, psychology of religion, Islamic law.

Areas of study for graduates of the faculty of theology:                                                                            

* Teacher of religious culture and ethics in the Ministry of National Education

* Imam-preacher teacher training in high school

* Mufti, assistant mufti

* Preacher

* The Qur'anic teacher

* Imam-müezzin

In recent years, the degrees of theology faculty graduates have been very high. There are thousands of people who are appointed with 50-60 points. But we think that the rate of appointment will decrease in the following years.

AOF What is theology ?

The Divinity Associate Degree program is a department that every high school graduate can choose to study and improve. There is no age and occupation restriction. Theology Associate Degree 120 credits of courses and success of these courses with a general average of 2.00 everyone has the right to graduate and qualify to receive an AÖF diploma. The most beautiful rights of open reading theologians are the right to continue the undergraduate program with the vertical transition examination. Imam preachers may begin to read high school graduates with the right to pass the theology pre-license without examination.

          Well, associate degree graduates, what does he do ?

Male students have the right to be a civil servant in the imam and religion affairs with the dhbt exam (vocational qualification) exam and the kpss exam. The ladies have the same right to be a keriim tutor with dhbt + kpss.