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İlkokul 1.sınıf öğrencisi ders çalışmak istemiyor

İlkokul 1. ,2. , 3. 4. Sınıf öğrencilerinin ders çalışmak istememesi velilerin yakındığı noktalardan. Özelliklede 1. Sınıf çocuğuna nasıl ders çalıştıracağını bilmeyen veliler mevcut. Öncelikle yapılması gereken şey okul öğretmeniyle irtibat halinde olmaktır.

     You know that it is forbidden to give homework, but the parents want to have my child read early, the right to have an early maturity but not exceptional circumstances. The issue is that the child's fine motor muscles develop in summer after the age of five as in the same silkworm story. Let's put into this situation because we want to just start typing in text school painting, playing with fingers or you knead the dough without stopping data into the hands of finger muscles are developed .

      If there are assignments, even if it is not, what will be done in school that day will be stopped and helped, then leave alone and start slowly to study. But the parents on the one hand while watching TV, my child, why lessons wins if he does not try to be some study time in the family, if necessary, this is not mother and father want to do all the family events by reading books child in the family will be processed in the subconscious saw this thing that happens is that once the habit. We have to adopt the principle of family, children.



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