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KOSGEB girişimcilik eğitimi nedir?

KOSGEB girişimcilik eğitimi KOSGEB yeni girişimci destekleme hibe ve kredilerinden faydalanmak için katılması zorunlu bir eğitimdir KOSGEB bu eğitimleri eğitim kurumlarına ihale eder ve İŞKUR KOSGEB ve eğitim kurumları ortak olarak bu eğitimleri verir.

What is KOSGEB entrepreneurship education?

KOSGEB entrepreneurship training KOSGEB is a compulsory education to participate in new entrepreneurial support grants and loans. KOSGEB tender these trainings to educational institutions and İŞKUR KOSGEB and educational institutions give these trainings in common. During the trainings İŞKUR and KOSGEB come to answer the questions and control the course.

KOSGEB entrepreneurship training is addressed to anyone who wants to start a new business and a certificate is issued as a result of the training. You do not need to be a university graduate to get the certificate. People from all types of education can take advantage of this certificate by turning it on.

KOSGEB has some conditions to benefit from entrepreneurship support.

1. You have not been working full time in a workplace within the last 6 months.

2.You need to be a company owner or a car owner in advance.

3. Your business should be one of the enterprises supported by KOSGEB. Click on the list of businesses supported by KOSGEB .

                The most misinformed information related to KOSGEB supports;

KOSGEB get your hand to get 50 thousand TL grants go to the business does not say, you step by step as follows;

  1. If you are unemployed, please apply to KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Training (Most of these trainings are done by universities and all of the trainings are free of charge. Moreover, İŞKUR does not pay you for the day-to-day expenses.
  2. It's better to rush in the big train for 6 months. Education as well come to you if you can not attend the course absenteeism of 70% attendance is required. The course will last for two weeks and will be 5 days on weekdays. Morning starts at 9pm and ends at 5pm so you should get permission to work.
  3. Training if you decide not supposed to be your job while your business idea even mind you can not complete the training without the teacher about the presentation of this plan writing a business idea over business plan.
  4. You have business idea, you have gone to training and you have prepared the business plan in education and the information about education you got 10 days after the training is finished is uploaded in KOSGEB database ine. You need to call KOSGEB and ask yourself what your certificate looks like on the system.
  5. Now your education is approved and you can establish your business, not KOSGEB, you build it with your own capital You can build a personal company, a limited company or a firm KOSGEB supports the support of the constant.
  6. You have rented a place of business and you have created a company and you are making expenditures. Every time you do not support your expenses KOSGEB does not support spending both your invoice and your bank account. If you pay by credit card, you also need to pay from the company account and company card if you do not pay for this payment as well as you can not pay from your own account.
  7. KOSGEB supports Home-Office in some sectors but does not support staff and rent to these establishments and makes only fixtures support
  8. Let's look at how much KOSGEB support is now

        A) GRANT TOTAL 50 Thousand TL

The Buddha leaves inside

1. Workplace opening support; 2 thousand TL business opening support (does not matter which type of business opens which gives allpsin tax levhan sufficient)

2.Basic and software support.18 thousand TL

A) KOSGEB supports 6% of you if you have made a male workplace in Istanbul and you have spent 30 thousand TL worth. The mast will give you 60% of the money you spend on it. If you have done a shopping worth $ 30 thousand, 18 thousand TL brings. If you are a lady in Istanbul, this is 70%.

B) KOSGEB will see all the expenditures you have made as VAT and you will not be able to add VAT to the account. For example, if you have spent 30 thousand TL, this is actually 30 thousand TL. In fact, if KOSGEB is suitable for the product conditions you bought for 35,400 TL, it costs 18 thousand TL.

C) KOSGEB will do the renovation repair ornaments accessories unnecessary if you install a computer company can not pay the material you pay, but the refrigerator will not pay if you get your computer.

D) KOSGEB will not sell the product you will sell, for example you have opened a pastry paste cake. You can not pay for it but if you buy a baking oven, you will have to pay for it so the product you buy must be iron head.

C) You can buy second hand goods if you are standing by and if you can show your bank receipt of what you have paid.

D) Let's say you've opened a bakery and you're stopping to build a website because it's an advertising spending, but when someone e-commerce gets it, it's the most fixture site and it's worth it.

E) You will not accept payments made by check, nor will you accept payments made in cash. We'll either deposit it on the bank and get a receipt, or we'll do it with a credit card and give it a wet signed signature.

3. Rental and operating expenses; TOTAL THOUSAND THOUSAND (Workplace rentals and for full time staff expenses you are working for.

A) You can get 24 months as 12 months or 1250 TL which will not exceed 2500 TL per month.

B) 1% 2. In regions 60% in males 80% in females 3.75% in males 70% in females 90% is supported In other words, 60% of the spending of a man in Istanbul can be reclaimed by KOSGEB, a woman in Hakkari 90% May request.

C) you are working a person you are working a net salary (notice that you can not pay SSO and taxes and do not interfere with them) 2000 TL KOSGEB pays 60% of the salary of this worker.

D) Let's say you have 2000 TL (without the withholding tax and VAT) 2000 TL for a man in Istanbul and 1200 TL for a rent support. 1200 rent + 1200 worker support total 2400 support per month You can not get 2500 more It does not give you 30,000

E) You can work your relatives from the first grade but KOSGEB does not support their salary

D) Let's say you are a home builder. KOSGEB does not give rent or staff support.

E) KOSGEB supports ready-made office and virtual office applications, and the workplace has to use the workplace KOSGEB support. You must hire a business that suits your business.

          B) Fixed investment support TOTAL 100 THOUSAND (Refundable)

A) Machinery and Software

B) You have not spent enough yet you will still get more machines left in this case you can benefit from fixed investment support. There is also a percentage rule

C) 1% 2. In regions 60% in men 60% in women 80% - in third and fourth regions 70% in men 70% is supported in women 90%.

D) We do not spend the important expenses here, we want a proforma invoice, we get the machine and we go to the board with the proforma, we get the board, we do not support the products that are taken. No need to confuse with the grant

E) Fixed investment support is repayable and allows you to withdraw 0% interest for up to% of the expenditure you make and you will not pay for 3 years. Payments will be repaid in installments after 3 years.

F) A bank should give you a letter of guarantee for your benefit because KOSGEB will give you this money on the bank and you will receive a letter of guarantee from the bank which you will receive from the bank you want to repay the loan against the possibility of repayment of the house, Confiscate.

G) Summarize if you are going to summarize a female business in Samsun Samsun region 2 and you will benefit from 80% of the slice as you are a woman you will open in this case you will get a professional baker's oven for 20.000 T from the company you have received the proforma invoice of the oven and you can take the board on the board KOSGEB gives you the invoice and the receipt. KOSGEB gives 80% of the 20.00 TL or 16.000 TL or you can deposit this money directly to the company's account.

H) It is not included in VAT again, so the VAT you buy will be $ 20,000.

9. The invoice receipts that we have made in accordance with KOSGEB are ready if we get credit and their proforma invoice is also ready. Before going to KOSGEB here, we must first register with KOSGEB from KOSGEB to register with KOSGEB. Then we have to register with KOSGEB with the outputs and tax levmeliz which we bought from the system. We must sign the declaration of the SME and submit it to the relevant KOSGEB directorate.

10.KOSGEB will assign us an expert, this expert will lead us. Our SME complaint will be approved within an average of 10 days and we can upload our business plan to the system. Your expert will call us when we are boarded and we will go to the board. KOSGEB boards consist of 3 people on average and we present our business plan. We are answering the questions asked. The KOSGEB delegation looks at whether we have a foundation in the business plan.

11. KOSGEB will inform us that we support the support we desire, and if we accept it, we will sign a commitment. We can not pay this step after the bank is done if the tax debt to the state will be deducted from the debt.

12. KOSGEB does not give you permission to pay if you do not see the things you said you got KOSGEB to come and see at work.

The condition of the 13th KOSGEB does not close the company in 3 years, if you close it, it will return the figure you paid with interest. Well, you are hurt or some coercive reasons came out of the floods, earthquake etc. in this case to come out and convince them

But in this case it does not want to pay back.

Note; By relying on KOSGEB, the business must be your own capital, not established. The education order is not easy and after KOSGEB is installed and approved, KOSGEB can give a life water for months.

Note; You can not get support from the company before the training is approved to take advantage of the support

Note; The most important thing to be able to get support from KOSGEB is that the business plan is smooth.

Note; KOSGEB trainings are free of charge and do not rely on those who demand money from you.

I will try to respond to your commentary bulletin questions literally.

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