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Kreş anaokulu farkı nedir?

Kreş anaokulu farkı ebeveynler tarafından sürekli birbirine karıştırılıyor. Ama şartları, bağlı oldukları kurumlar, yasal düzenlemeleri ve öğrencilere uyguladıkları programlar birbirinden farklı kuruluş olduklarını gösteriyor.


Basically nursery kindergarten  difference are the age groups they appeal. Day nurseries and kindergartens serve children from 0 to 3 years old while kindergartens undertake the education of children from 3 to 6 years old. Nurseries 's 3 years old and nursing homes where small children are allowed. It is an institution in which the working ladies can deliver the child safely as much as the children come to school.

The working mother delivers the child to the nursing home in the morning, the child returns to work in the evening, the nursing of the child by the nursing staff all day long. Everything is dealt with. These institutions were opened in order to look after the orphaned children in the past, and shan is a day nursery.

Another difference is the programs that are applied to children. Day nurseries and kindergartens are not educational institutions, they are social institutions. These institutions are not predominant in course education, but rather allow children to spend time with games and activities. In kindergartens, the main trainings are given to the child. It is the time when the child begins to share a social life outside his mother and father, to make friends, to be open to the mind, to become a social individual just out of self. The main purpose of kindergartens is to prepare primary education in accordance with the national education of pre-primary children.

Nursery kindergarten in terms of legislation, there are differences. Day care homes and day care centers have started to work by setting up, working conditions, training levels for employees by special children's clubs and special nursery and day nursing homes. The kindergartens have their functioning, employee status, conditions etc. Preschool education institutions.

These institutions are different from the official institutions they are affiliated with. Day care homes and day-care centers operate under social services and child protection agencies and the Ministry of Health. Kindergartens are; They are pre-primary education institutions for children and they are not primary education but they carry on activities depending on MoNE.

The common feature of all of them is to prepare the children in school age in terms of physical, social and emotional. Especially these kind of institutions are a great opportunity for children who are separated from the family for the first time, children who have a timid structure.

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