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MBSTS Nedir?

Mbsts sınavı diyanet işleri başkanlığının mesleki bilgiler seviye tespit sınavıdır.

In the Presidency of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, it is an examination for employees' promotion, domestic and foreign assignments, pilgrimage and umrah interviews. MBSTS was organized by MEB in the past years and 2014 te Anadolu University was started to be done by ÖSYM in 2015. All points have been merged in 2015, while pilgrims and umrahs in previous years desire separate scores for abroad.

* MBSTS exam candidates are subject to a test consisting of 60 questions

* Exam duration is 90 minutes.                                         

* The results of the exam are not taken into consideration and only correct answers are not taken into consideration.

*  Any questions that are canceled due to the mistake of ÖSYM will be valid for every candidate.

Exam topics:


* Akaid and kalam

* Hadith

* Fiqh and ilmihal

* Siyer and Islamic history

* Knowledge of the Qur'an

* History of religions and history of sects

It is useful to work from the books prepared by OSYM as a source to work for the MBSTS exam because OSYM will completely change the examination system and prepare questions through its own resources and a new system. Instead of spending time on old sources, the new source will be the right choice.

How is MBSTS successful?

* First you should read the books you have identified as your source .

* You should solve a lot of questions from the appropriate questions that you work with, and return to work that you do wrong and work again.

* We advise you to be directed to the lessons you will have difficulty with a planned study method.

* We think that there will be lessons such as commentary, hadith, kalam as determinants.

Professional competence in the field of corporate and individual given courses we encourage you to review.