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Özel Üniversitelerin Avantajları

Özel üniversiteye gitmek günümüzde gittikçe artan toplumsal ihtiyaç ve sayıları hızla artıyor. Avrupa da ve dünyanın diğer ülkelerinde giderek trend haline gelen özel üniversite ülkemizde de özellik son 5 yılda aşırı derece talep görmeye başladı

Private universities today and the number is increasing rapidly growing social needs are growing. Europe and the rest of the world has become increasingly trendy in our country, the feature has begun to be seen in demand in the last 5 years, while the quota of the regions in the country is increased so much why people prefer private universities, in this article we will actually include them and you will see that they are justified reasons.

People in our country and in many parts of the world do not work in related areas of their graduates because there are reasons why some people choose a university because their score is high even if they do not want to print it and some people choose their departments which they do not want to prove to their families and get rid of the heavy responsibility on their shoulders.

So, what is happening at the end of the university year to win the number of people who can not read at all, leaving at least half is not happening especially intolerable in a school if he loved me a portion. Well, what do finishers do not deal with their own departments, but they are directed to other areas, or they try to graduate in areas where their loved ones really want to study.

All these reasons and now students with strong communication with families trying to convince his family to read portions of their favorite or parents is instead to educate their children in the non-guaranteed portion of private universities in the coming tempting to read a quality hereunder.

Of course, there is a financial dimension, the room will actually show all the proverbs towards the private university, especially in Istanbul and the big cities when the time of choice is for the parents and young people try to look at the university from the maritime ills while the parents start to calculate the education expenses of the student. For example, assuming that a family living in Istanbul has an average income of 3000TL, it costs 1000 TL to rent. If there are other children, the car can not think without considering natural gas.

A student of Istanbul from a mainland university if we consider that earned this student is a charge like average 800 pounds remains in dorm bit of this, travel expenses and to educate a young person in college when money is added to 1000 pounds in 8 months, subject to passing if the school wrote in a 8000 pounds 10,000 pounds annual costs My child thinks that she is not thirsty, she ate what she ate, and she thinks twice if she is a girl child.

Whereas parents child Istanbul at a private university in the summer although associate department can print the prices ranging between 6-12 thousand pounds licenses to sections 15 -25 of the section where a thousand from print to the price asked students in a course, choose whether reading advantage there. Private university s be clear after graduation to becoming overcrowded academic career opportunities advantages, such as being larger can win scholarships based on points there even ℅100 scholarship may be the pupil's school won the top can receive a salary from the school (salary not grant note) to parents who are in this case Private universities continue to prefer.

Özel üniversite fiyatları


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